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Disposible Pet Towels
(Small or Large)

Super strength disposible pet towels, ideal for drying your dog after a run (or a swim) in the park. Good for 4-5 uses and then disposible. Made from biodegradable super absorbant extra tough material this towel helps keep both your car and home clean.

Did you know?
That washing fabric towels after drying your dog can dramatically shorten the life of your washer and drier. The hairs become lodged in the mechanism of the machine causing it to wear more extensively.


Pet Wipes
(Packs of 25)

Not got time to wash your pet!
Does your pet need a freshen up?
Maybe those mucky paws need a wipe over!

If so Wagwipes Pet Wipes are the best solution on the market extra large and extra tough these wipes have been developed to keep both you and your pet happy. Also available with a delightful baby powder scent.

Training Pad
(Packs of 5)

House training your pet was never going to be easy - thats why Wagwipes have introduced their new industrial strength absorbtion pads. Previously only used in industry these pads are perfect for those industrial sized messes!!!





Manufactured in the UK
Distributed by Subec Wiping Solutions Ltd
Unit T - Radius Court - Tungsten Park - Coventry Road
Hinckley - Leicestershire - LE10 3BE


tel - 01455 618608
email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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